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RebeccaSwan FPYmural2.jpg

Whimsical Road Map Mural located within

Yoga Studio in Sea Grit, NJ

Rebecca Eve Swan


New Jersey based artist, Rebecca Swan, is creative in many ways. She seeks to add color, wonder, joy, and whimsical unique-ness everywhere she can!  Rebecca is a painter, muralist, resin artist, a DIY enthusiast, and a yoga teacher.   She believes there is opportunity everywhere to add a spark of wow and imagination through her colorful, nature inspired work.


Rebecca loves painting large scale because the size itself draws the viewer into the picture, into that world.  Even if it’s just for a moment, clients feel a smile creep upon their face. Perhaps there is curiosity to discover more; maybe a feeling of inspiration, hope, or courage.  These feelings are MAGIC and we need them now more than ever before!

Art was always a part of Rebecca’s life, but she never thought it would be a possible career path until she gave herself permission to just go for it. Before COVID, Rebecca was a Strength + Wellness Coach for over 10 years and was beginning to get the nudge to pivot.  COVID compelled her to make the leap from full time coach to full time artist.


Creating is Rebecca’s passion and it shows through her enthusiastic approach to her work; from collaborating with her clients, to sharing progress videos with her audience, her process and love for her craft is infectious.


Rebecca practices and teaches yoga, meditation, + breath work to find stillness and calm.  She believes a strong mind, body, + spiritual practice is key to an endless well of creativity and imagination.

forge bathroom art

1 out of 3

in a series of commissioned art for the restrooms at Forge Performance, 

West Windsor, NJ

Art provides a beautiful opportunity to see and feel something that hadn't existed before by offering new perspectives.  Rebecca is a dreamweaver, who has the unique ability to take her vision and her clients ideas and bring them to life through bright eye-catching colors, whimsical off-beat creations, and one-of-a-kind compositions. 


Rebecca knows the power of color and imagination. She strongly believes that adding a sprinkle of playful charm to walls, both inside and outside, cultivates a more magical and supportive community.  When customers feel uplifted through Rebecca’s work, they want to share it and the enthusiasm it generates with the world.  

Artist Statement

My work is a form of meditation, a practice.  It is a signed permission slip, to myself and from myself, to play, get messy, to "let go", and to be open to whatever happens next without worry about what the outcome may be.  I love the finished picture, but it is so much more about the process.

A tough practice for a Type-A gal ;)  

Brave New World.jpg

"Brave New World" - Acrylic on Canvas 2020

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