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...figuring it out...

but right now, simply, I am an...

[ Artist - Yoga Instructor - Strength + Nutrition Coach ]



1 out of 3 in a series of commissioned art for the restrooms as Forge Performance, West Windsor, NJ

Rebecca grew up on Long Island, NY, and now lives in Hamilton with her husband and pup. 

Rebecca works as a full-time strength coach at Forge Performance in West Windsor, NJ while also teaches numerous yoga classes throughout the week at YogaSoul in Princeton Junction, NJ.

Art has always been in Rebecca's life.  Throughout high school Rebecca filled her extra curricular spaces with art classes.  Throughout college and life immediately afterwards, time and space did not make it easy for Rebecca to play with her art, but she made sure to take every opportunity that she could to craft a project of some sort. 


Recently, in the past year (2019), Rebecca has found her groove again and is back in action!  She has participated in a few shared art shows [Trenton Art All Night 2019 + RAW artists, Philadelphia 2019] to name a few in addition to various arts and crafts street fairs.

  Additionally, Rebecca loves working on commissioned pieces for clients and collectors.


Rebecca hopes to inspire and encourage others to take action on their creativity and put all fears and worries to the side and simply play.


My work is a form of meditation.  A lot of my work is on a larger scale, as it gives me a complete feeling of big expressive freedom to play; however smaller works give me just as much joy, almost a way to get lost in an expansive universe that may only be 8x10 inches. 


My art is a signed permission slip, by me, to play, get messy, to "let go", to see what happens next and to not worry about what that outcome may be. 

To table the roles we play everyday and simply be whoever and whatever we want to be now, even if it's just for a moment; a healthy escape by immersing oneself into the stories created through colors, shapes, lines, etc.


Although I typically have a loose plan for my pieces, I love following the paint to guide me to what's next.​