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Spring 2024

A collection of

Introducing the Spring 2024 Collection!

In my own personal world, creating magical spaces and places throughout my home
has become very important. 

Fresh cut flowers, healthy house plants, playful containers and accents have all become must haves throughout my space. 






Adopt a Pal

These small charms pack a big punch!  
Place them anywhere you'd like to create a pop of play!

These whimsical wonders are a reminder for myself that 'I AM WORTH IT!' 
which is a message I'd like to share with you. 


You are worth an abundant life filled with, great health, love, happiness, and wealth.  Believing in ourselves an
d loving ourselves is something most of us know about but sometimes it's not always easy to put it to practice. 

This collection helps grounds us to the present moment so we can come home to ourselves in a powerful way.


My hope is that these creations help you feel into this magic within you and around you,  whenever you catch a glimpse. 

Wake up to the brilliance we all have access to when we allow ourselves to tap in to the present moment.

In this collection, you'll find ceramic planters, vases, mini bowls/cups, and figurines designed to capture small moments within your spaces and places.


Small Batch
Shroom Buddies

Shroom buddies are the perfect way to accessorize your house plants with extra cheerful energy. These handcrafted mushroom stakes are unique and made with love

Art Prints

Find the perfect piece of art for your space. 

All of our prints are created from original paintings and illustrations, and are printed on high-quality archival materials.

Pick up a standard frame at your local craft store and enjoy your new artwork for years to come.

'Love In Nature' Coloring Book (1).png

Coloring Book

Coloring is a great way to practice mindfulness and explore your creativity!

This collection of illustrations features whimsical nature themes like mushrooms , trees, and other plant life. 

Relax &

let your imagination run wild!

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